Showcasing Sanjhi the dying craft at India Design 2015 – at The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.-NSIC on February 2015

Are we forgetting our roots? Are we truly proud of our Indianness, our culture, our Heritage? Are we even’ aware’ of some of the most beautiful crafts that we have inherited?
” Proud to be Indian” is an endeavor to preserve the rich Indian heritage and spread the awareness of some of these dying crafts. It is important for us to be able to use it in our everyday lives. This is possible with design intervention with the craftsmen and creating market linkages for them.
Sanjhi is one such dying craft of India. This is a paper cutting craft from Mathura which dates back centuries and has adorned the walls and floors of ancient temples, homes and the like. Very few people are left to do this craft. Showcasing this craft in its contemporary form is an effort towards preserving it.