Seminar on Luxury, Bathrooms: An extension of our living rooms at Bangalore

Modern day living is all about Luxury. Today, aspiration levels to live in luxury, is not restricted to the living room or the bedrooms alone. Bathrooms have become a very integral part of luxury living and can be easily referred to as extension of our living spaces.
When we see a beautiful bathroom our intuition tells us there’s something luxurious about it. But what exactly are the defining elements of luxury bathrooms? The word Luxury is synonymous to opulence and is often misunderstood as indulgence into non essential frills. But is it really so? Can Bathrooms be luxuriously designed and yet be cost effective and sustainable?


To discuss this we had an eminent panel of architects and interior designers from different parts of India: Suparaja Rao-Hyderabad, Swanzal Kak Kapoor-Gurugram, Annkur Khosla-Mumbai,Shyamla Prabhu-Bangalore.It was interesting to moderate the discussion which brought in a lot of aspects of luxury defined through Nature, Technology and even alternate sustainable materials.A lot of audience interaction and heated discussion on the subject made it an extremely engaging session. Ar. Debashish Majumdar made an impressive presentation of the works of Laura Rocca-an Italian Architect of great repute. A wonderful session with a lot of learning in the beautiful city of Bangalore!

Seminar on Luxury, Bathrooms: An extension of our living rooms