The Guild of Designers & Artists – "Talk on Public Art & Its Importance in Today’s life"
- 5th April 2013 at Hotel Claridges, Surajkund

"Public Art",  as we are aware, can truly revitalize both social & public spaces and thus can create new landmarks of references throughout the city for us to understand our rich cultural heritage. It can create a dialogue between art, architecture and urban design, making it a great learning experience for all. But do our Public Spaces & Buildings today create such a dialogue ?


In this context, The Guild of Designer & Artists sought a critical and positive engagement with different artists, designers, professionals and government representatives for the promotion of public art in the cities of India by means of a Talk "Public Art & Its Importance in today’s Life" on 5th April 2013 at The Claridges, Surajkund, Delhi NCR.

We were very privileged to have the well known Contemporary Artists Jatin Das & Arpana Caur who have vast knowledge in this subject to share their experiences with us.


Lipika Sud, President – The Guild of Designers & Artists welcomed the contemporary Artists and distinguished guests. She emphasized on the rich cultural heritage that we have inherited and the need to revive it and not let it get categorized under ‘Dying Arts’ as some of them have been labeled. This she said was possible only through:-


  1. Organizing seminars to create awareness and sensitivity to this subject.
  2. Survey sites and identify arts and crafts which could be showcased at national and international platforms.
  3. Organize workshops where artisans, craftsmen, architects, designers and students would come together and learn and create works of art. Such Design Interventions at an early stage, will create products which will be more attractive and modern.
  4. The Guild will help build Market linkages for the end product to be sold.
  5. The whole process can be documented through films and photographs and shared with the public who can learn about the story behind each creation.

Mr. Sandeep Marwah, Founder and Director of Marwah Studio very generously offered to document each of these workshops/ programmes/ seminars and film the entire process of how these arts and crafts are given due recognition and how the coming together of various professionals, artists will bring about a fruitful outcome.


Even though there are policies like the central government allocating one percent of its infrastructure budget to public art, there is a gap between such policies and the modalities of implementing them. Even the private sector organizations who now have to show a two percent of their surplus towards CSR can get involved in such activities along with the Guild.


On the whole the “Role of the Guild” is to make the public understand, appreciate, incorporate and showcase the rich Indian Art & Crafts in public & private spaces.”


The two speakers spoke about how public art is essential for the society and the need to spread awareness so to incorporate it in exterior and interior spaces at an initial stage.


Arpana Caur threw light on the social issues like deforestation, respecting women, understanding the Hindu mythology and how they can impact common man. She further showed her keenness to do public art free of cost as she did so in the initial years to spread more awareness among people.


She also added that architects, designers, artists and all professionals from different fields should come together at an initial stage of a project. To work for this common goal of inculcating culture specific art pertaining to a region in the exterior and interior spaces. In this process there would be a synergy of all the aspects of a project in relation to arts and crafts.


Her presentation was followed by a short interaction with the Audience.


The second presentation of the evening was by world renowned contemporary artist Mr. Jatin Das. His career spans 5 decades and his works are part of several public and private collections in India and Abroad. He stood to the expectations of the audience and enthralled them with his powerful talk and experiences in Art. He further highlighted if artists, Interior Designers and architects could work in tandem with each other, it could prove to be a great exercise for the promotion of Art & Crafts to the public. Documenting, Filming and promoting the same on the correct platforms would have a wider reach.


Also his main topic of discussion was ‘art and the cultural heritage’ of India which is rich and old in history and its need to be acknowledged in today’s time. It is the artists, artisans and craftsmen whose work needs to be contemporarized and showcased in public spaces to create an awareness amongst the youth about Indian arts, crafts and architecture. It is unfortunate that we as senior members of the civil society are not able to guide them and show the importance of our inheritance. We should appreciate, rejoice our cultural heritage and take it across the globe. Instead we are enamored by international art and the things that are happening in the west.


To this Ms. Lipika Sud said, “I think all of us should take responsibility of the current situation, where there is a lack of awareness and national pride. We should join hands and take it forward to make that change and be part of that change. Change can happen by way of people from different genres whether architecture, design, art, crafts, filmmaking, fashion and textiles, where in everybody comes together and create things that are there for posterity and for people to understand and rejoice in the times to come.


Many more such seminars will be held in the future for more meaningful outcomes. This is just the beginning towards the bigger change to take place.


As said by Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


Lipika Sud- President – The Guild of Designers & Artists welcoming Contemporary Artists -Jatin Das

Lighting of Lamp – Arpana Caur

(L-r) Jatin Das ,Bindoo Ranjan, Arpana Caur, Sonia Dhingra and Madhu Kumar

Sandeep Marwah – Director – Marwah Studio & Ar. Vivek Uberoi

Interior Designer -Lipika Sud, Ar. Vivek Uberoi, Ar. Suneet Paul with his wife and Bindoo Ranjan- NID

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