Seminar & Panel Discussion on "Craft, Design & Public Spaces"
- 5th October, 2013 at Jacaranda Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

We are all aware that India has a rich cultural heritage of art and crafts, but how sensitive are we as Designers in keeping it alive by using it in our works and in our everyday lives?


Are we making a conscious effort of ensuring that our coming generations are not only aware of these crafts but are taking pride in its inheritance?


Crafts & Art can truly revitalize both social & public spaces and thus can create new landmarks of references throughout the city for us to understand our rich cultural heritage. It can create a dialogue between art, architecture and urban design, making it a great learning experience for all.

In continuation to our endeavours to promote crafts , art & crafts in our Design and the public spaces , The Guild of Designer & Artists organized a critical and positive engagement with different artists, architects, designers, professionals and government representatives, Seminar & Panel Discussion on “ Craft, Design & Public Spaces” on 5th Oct 2013 at Jacaranda Hall , IHC, New Delhi.


To take this subject forward we were very privileged to have Ms. Jaya Jaitley and Mr. Aman Nath who have vast knowledge in this subject to share their experiences with us. There was also a Panel Discussion on the subject where we had invited some eminent personalities working on this field to be our Panelists:


Lipika Sud President, The Guild of Designers & Artists (Moderator of the panel discussion)
Jaya Jaitley President, Dastkari Haat Samiti
Aman Nath Founder ,Neemrana Hotels
Purnima Rai President, Delhi Crafts Council
Ar. Sanjib Chatterjee Kaaru


Lipika Sud, President – The Guild of Designers & Artists welcomed the august gathering to the Seminar. She mentioned that Indian design sensibilities and ethnicity are very deep rooted and dates back several centuries. Some of the oldest architecture, arts & crafts have glorified India and popularized it at a global level. Creating awareness and appreciating our cultural heritage and using them in our designs and architecture could possibly be the strategy to revive them and make them part of our day- to –day living.


Ar. Rohit Raj Mehndiratta, Studio Vanro introduced the first speaker Ms. Jaya Jaitly, President Dastkari Haat Samiti who has been the creator of “ Dilli Haat” and has been helping & guiding artists, craftsmen over the years. She showed cased some of the Indian Art & Crafts being majestically used in some of architectural & Interior Design works around the world.


Mr. Aman Nath ,Founder- Neemrana Hotels presented the Crafts & Design in the architecture and restorations. He further highlighted if artists, Interior Designers and Architects could work in tandem with each other, it could prove to be a great exercise for the promotion of Art & Crafts to the public. Documenting, Filming and promoting the same on the correct platforms would have a wider reach.


The Presentation was followed by a Panel Discussion. To understand how one can use crafts in their works and how to go about it, the house was left to open discussions with the Panelists. Some of the questions that were clarified during the panel were as follows:


  • How could architects & Interior Designers work with crafts persons in a structured and systematic way?
  • Do they think that these crafts are dying in its true sense?
  • Why are our architects embarrassed to evoke India and not feel ashamed in equal measure to ignore India?
  • How can hereditary skills continue when their patronage has become less evident? Can government play that role as effectively? How can we take these skills to the future and impart them.
  • Are we making conscience effort to appreciate the value of these art & crafts and also teach the young generations about their importance and their relevance with regard to our culture

The role of the Guild in the current scenario:


  1. Organizing seminars/workshops to create awareness and sensitivity to this subject.
  2. Survey sites and identify arts and crafts which could be showcased at national and international platforms.
  3. Organize workshops where artisans, craftsmen, architects, designers and students would come together and learn and create works of art. Such Design Interventions at an early stage, will create products which will be more attractive and modern.
  4. The Guild will help build Market linkages for the end product to be sold.
  5. The whole process can be documented through films and photographs and shared with the public who can learn about the story behind each creation.
  6. Work as mediators between the artisans and architects/interior designers to enable them crafts usage in public spaces thus creating opportunities for craftsmen / Artisans.
  7. Involving government to initiate activities & policy in order to promote crafts & art on larger platforms.


‘Art and the cultural heritage’ of India which is rich and old in history and its need to be acknowledged in today’s time. It is the artists, artisans and craftsmen whose work needs to be contemporarized and showcased in public spaces to create an awareness amongst the youth about Indian arts, crafts and architecture. It is unfortunate that we as senior members of the civil society are not able to guide them and show the importance of our inheritance. We should appreciate, rejoice our cultural heritage and take it across the globe. Instead we are enamored by international art and the things that are happening in the west.


Ms. Lipika Sud concluded the session saying “We should join hands and take it forward to make that change and be part of that change. Change can happen when people from different genres whether architecture, design, art, crafts, filmmaking, fashion and textiles, where in everybody comes together and create things that are there for posterity and for people to understand and rejoice in the times to come.”


This was followed by cocktail & Dinner.


Some of the dignitaries that attended the programme were Sandeep Marwah-Director Marwah Studio, Ar. Ujan Ghosh, Ranjit Mitra, Anjali Khanna, Ar. Satyakam Garg, Ar. Rajiv Batra , Mukul Goyal, Ar. Sanjay Kanvinde, Sathak & Sahil Bagga, Nupur Kundu and many more…


At the Panel Discussion Ms. Lipika Sud, President – The Guild of Designers & Artists moderating the Panel Discussion

Lighting of Lamp

Engrossed Audience

Sharing thoughts

(L- r) Ar. Rohit Raj Mehndiratta , Ar. Sanjay Kanvinde, Interior Designer - Lipika Sud , Ar. Tanuja B.K. and Vandini Mehta- Studio Vanro

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5th October 2013

Seminar & Panel Discussion on "Craft, Design & Public Spaces"

We are all aware that India has a rich cultural heritage of art and crafts, but how sensitive are we as Designers in keeping it alive by using it in our works and in our everyday lives?

Are we making a conscious effort of ensuring that our coming generations are not only aware of these crafts but are taking pride in its inheritance?

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