• Promotion of Design and Arts’ , thus creating knowledge sharing platform which is open to public from the Design and Art Field
  • Create Awareness and Promote Design and Art.
  • To bring the various Designers and Artists together and concentrate on opportunities arising from multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Create a platform by which Designer and Artists can express their views, talent and be known nationally and internationally
  • To support, serve and protect the professional practice of Design at National and International levels.
  • To keep the rich cultural heritage of India alive by supporting and encouraging the Indian Traditional Art, Craftsmanship which is one of its primary agendas. This will be done by using such arts and crafts by using them in private and public spaces in order to keep them alive for future generations to appreciate and uphold the rich cultural heritage of India.
  • Create opportunities for Artists, Artisans and Craftsmen who are economically challenged by promoting their works though workshops and exhibitions.
  • The Objective of the society is to build a community of Designers and Artists from all sectors of design and art discipline so as to give an integrated viewpoint on design innovations, trends and ideas, with particular emphasis on sustainability, in essence, anything that will help in conserving the environment globally and also promoting awareness.
  • Design Development & research.
  • To serve as a cohesive unit, to develop, value and share knowledge of design in India and around the world with the designing bodies, to modulate innovations through multidisciplinary design efforts, to promote basic interest of all design professionals.
  • To associate/affiliate or cooperation with other National or International Organization with the motto to promote Design and Art Industry.
  • Creating Professionalism, Systemization, Standardization and Quality.
  • Exchanges and Increase Technological progress.
  • Enabling trade associations with various countries.
  • Organize Seminars/Conference/Panel discussions/Workshops /Technical exchange Meets/Exhibitions which will prove to be informative and also open business opportunities nationally   internationally.
  • Organize any fund raising activity for the Society.
  • Associate with commercial projects of trans-national cooperation and interactive multi-country business of international brands/organizations.
  • Through National/International academic Conferences/ Trainings/Workshop and Research tours /forums, the society will promote the development of design, art and also involve fusion of design culture and thus enabling better business /trade relations.
  • To develop and publish newsletters, journals, magazines, brochures, webpages including the updates about the society activities and events.
  • Any other activity permitted under the law to achieve the aims and objectives of the Society.

Latest News

5th October 2013

Seminar & Panel Discussion on "Craft, Design & Public Spaces"

We are all aware that India has a rich cultural heritage of art and crafts, but how sensitive are we as Designers in keeping it alive by using it in our works and in our everyday lives?

Are we making a conscious effort of ensuring that our coming generations are not only aware of these crafts but are taking pride in its inheritance?

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